Getting through September..

One day at a time. I think I’m so freaked out because I do not know how my new prof is going to be with her exams. I have two of them this week. All I have done is study. Study. Study. Study. Study. No church, no rodeo, no Fair Trade Concert (2 blocks from my house..), no reading the Sunday paper (ok.. I did clip coupons today)… Ok.. I didn’t give up Sunday football..but I can study and listen to the game at the same time.

If i make it through September I’m getting this for myself. I know it’s expensive.. most of my friends will say it’s downright crazy…but whatever. I’m a bag snob. So. be. it. It’s a great bag and I love Orla Kiely’s designs.

That’s it…must go read about Xanax (which, truth be told… sounds like a mighty good drug right now)



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