Because it was requested!

***this is an open letter to anyone & everyone who lands here… 🙂

Hi Scott,

How are you? I’m doing well. I only left the house today for two things: the post office (mailed a book, a Netflix (21… not very good), my car insurance bill, and a birthday card to Sue) & the not-so-crappy Acme for some food because a 4 pack of Boddington’s Beer from 4 years ago will not sustain me through the next coming week.

After that I came back home and continued to outline my mental health notes for class. Currently I am ALMOST finished with eating disorders. Next is substance abuse & therapeutic communication techniques. I think I’ll be up late tonight… I actually have to leave for work at 6.15 tonight. I’m just working a 4 hr shift.. which is good.. It gives me a little spending money and gets me out of the house talking to real people for a bit.

I’m afraid tomorrow will be more of the same… just studying. Tomorrow is Pharmacology. Antipsychotics. What fun!

Did I tell you that I saw Jeremy the other day at JHN? It was not a fun time. He came right up to me and stood next to me and addressed my clinical group… I left the unit and immediately starting crying… I know.. I’m a freak. I’m not going to mention what I think Jeremy is here. Come to your own conclusions.

Hmmm.. is there anything else actually interesting to report from my life right now… No.. not really… Just that school is kicking my arse right now. One of my friends starting crying in class because HE was so overwhelmed (another A student). Totally craziness.

Ok.. that’s about it from my end. I hope all is well with you!

Ta-ta for now.


2 responses to “Because it was requested!

  1. As long as you left the
    unit first….

  2. Yes, I made sure that I was off the unit before I lost it… I was by the elevators (and a few of my classmates knew the story.. so they shielded me appropriately!)

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