My Friday.

My thought for today.

I want to become a nun. Maybe instead of their deep seeded love of Christ.. the real reason women become nuns is that they don’t have to deal with men.

Hey.. I look good in black.

And that’s all I’m saying on the subject. Come to your own conclusions.


6 responses to “My Friday.

  1. You know how hot those outfits must get in the summer????????????

  2. And no “Kelly” and “Kelly’s cousin” I am not jelous of nuns and the outfits they get to wear.

  3. I’m sure that they are hot in the summer..but I think they have a deal with a local dry cleaners… (I need to look up this fact). 😉

  4. i suppose if you’re a nun, your great holiness keeps you from minding the fact that it’s hot…

  5. Clearly you have never spent a Yom Kippur in a Shul ful of 100 sweatry worshippers

  6. actually.. no, i haven’t …but i REALLY have always wanted to go to a Yom Kippur service.. When I was friends with Jeremy (I’m done using “J”) I asked him if I could come… another one of those false promises that never held up….

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