My first Costco trip…

So… my parents got me a membership to Costco back in May… today was the first time I ventured out to KOP to go there. Costco is NOT made for single people… There was so much there that I wanted and actually needed but not in 10 gallon sizes….So… what did I get???

My pictures developed from Ireland (ie…from my disposable camera)
A huge container of salsa
A 2 lb bag of tortilla chips
8 disposable razors
20 Lara Bars (these are for school…. I eat them during class)
My free pizza (when I signed up … I got a coupon for a free pizza.. I will NOT eat all of the pizza..but the coupon expires on, I thought I better use it)
And… the best part of my trip… a new cell phone: the t-mobile guy gave me a deal… $100 for a new BB Curve… Can’t wait…

Ok… time to eat pizza.


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