My rainy day in Ireland…

So… I’m here at 5.12pm local time. I’m in an Internet Cafe… I’m trying to decide what to do tonight.. It’s been raining most of the day here and is currently pouring outside as I type.

A few funny things that have happened since I’ve been here..

1. I was walking along Grafton Street (a huge section of Streets with all types of shops… good people watching…) when I heard a voice that was familar to most Americans: John C. Reilly..  he was walking right in front of me. He is as fellow DePaul grad (although a little bit more famous than me!) and a rabid Chicago White Sox fan… Anyway, he was walking with someone (his wife??) and a guy came running up to him to ask for his autograph… As I walked by I said ‘Hey… leave the White Sox fan alone!’ He said: ‘Yea.. Right!’  That’s sooo cool… I had a brief exchange with John C. Reilly…  actor in such fine films as the Dewey Cox Story & Step Brothers.  Wow.

2. I was in a mall walking around to get out of the rain..this was a few hours after my lunch..Well, I had Indian for lunch… I was walking in front of these two guys and I happened to fart… not a loud one…but a really, really smelly one… I knew I did it…but I don’t think they knew that I did it… So the one guy goes to his friend –‘Did you do THAT?’… ‘NO. Did YOU do that?’… ‘No…but it was horrible!!’  I think two other people got the blame instead of me.  Whew… no more Indian on this trip.

That’s about it. My hotel  room is the size of a shoe… I will post pictures when I get back!



3 responses to “My rainy day in Ireland…

  1. Re. John C Reilly: “Shake n’ Bake” sayeth my significant other!

  2. Have fun in Ireland! You should try Butler’s hot chocolate. I had it in Dublin and thought it was the best hot chocolate in the world!!

  3. that’s awesome… both the exchange and the fart. hahahaha.

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