Tuesday Evening..

I just sighed… I need to clean. I need to do laundry. I need to find a map.

These are just a few things I need to do before I leave on Wednesday afternoon for Canada. My first priority is trying to actually figure out where I am going in Canada. I know it’s in the providence of Quebec. What if all the street signs are in French? I don’t read French. I really tried to like French. I took it for 2 years in HS. A nun tried to teach me French..she’s probably dead now…telling the angels to throw their chewing gun into the garbage can (I can say that phrase in French still to this day!!).

I was in Chicago over the weekend.. It was the family reunion for my dad’s side of the family. Fun time had by all. I am really beginning to miss living in the Midwest. I know.. I know.. I must be crazy…but I do miss it.

Ok.. I’m going to go forge for food. I really don’t have any because I’m away so much in the next 3 weeks. Countdown to Ireland has begun… 10 days!!!! I can’t believe it’s in 10 days… WOW. Craziness.


2 responses to “Tuesday Evening..

  1. “…telling the angels to throw their chewing gun into the garbage can”

    Wow, you chewed guns in school? You were really hard core extreme. Were your baked potatoes actually hand grenades?

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