The wisdom of the TSA

Ok.. I don’t want to criticize the government.. but come on… I can bring knitting needles and a bic lighter on my carry on bag…but a 4oz tube of toothpaste is too much??? I would rather be safe than sorry so I will comply (oh… and the added fact that Northwest charges $15 to check a bag now..)

On a lighter note..a friend showed me this website. Totally funny. I remember when I was in junior high & how cool I thought I was to go to Chi-Chis just with my friends and not my parents. I loved their fried ice cream. How the mighty have fallen… Ok.. it was always a crap restaurant… I know better now.

Plug for Larry King tonight on CNN… Steven Curtis Chapman will be on discussing and answering questions about the death of his adopted daughter, Maria. Earlier this year, his teenage son was backing out of the driveway and accidentally ran over her. The interview happens tonight at 9pm EST. For those who don’t know.. Steven Curtis Chapman is a contemporary Christian singer.

That’s about it..must get back to packing.


8 responses to “The wisdom of the TSA

  1. Creepy abandoned Chi Chi’s!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better: The TSA allows knitting needles, but the actual agents don’t always let them on because they are obviously dangerous weapons!

  3. Wisdom? TSA? Mutually Exclusive?

  4. Isn’t she pretty?

  5. what the heck??? isn’t who pretty???? you’re really weird. 😉

  6. He’s talking about you silly girl & he is right!

  7. Just a guy’s perspective…whenn someone pays a compliment…”you’re really weird” should not be the immediate follow-up. Now, he may, in fact, be really weird…don’t know…too soon to say but he’s really weird with a thing for you.

  8. I know… I know… I’m the weird one…Scott you’re totally, utterly right…

    He’s smart enough to know that’s how I usually respond… I’m really getting better though… I’m starting to just say “thanks” after a compliment…

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