My Day of Errands…

So… I needed to go to the city today for some errands… I also met my friend & classmate M. for lunch. So… what did I do today…

1. Arrived in the city @10am
2. Picked up my new contacts.
3. Ate lunch at Marathon Grill. I didn’t get my usual Crispy Calamari Salad..which, now I’m regretting.. I got a lunch special… it was good.. but not as good as the salad.
4. Ate Gelato at the best place in Philly… Cappagrio. I got half lime/half blueberry… YUMMY.
5. Went to Sephora and spent way too much money.. Well, way too much money for a girl who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup…
6. Walked way too many city blocks to pick up my latest Viv Pickle bag…
7. Began to realize around 9th & Chestnut that wearing a black top today was NOT a good idea.
8. Stopped at Ben Franklin’s post office @ 3rd & Market (did you know it’s the only US post office without the US flag flying???? Why? Because the flag didn’t exist when the post office was opened.. you can thank me later for the bit of usual trivia when you win big when you appear on Jeopardy) to wipe my brow (& back) in the restroom.
9. Drove home.
10. Read my People Magazine..
11. Took a nap.
12. Getting ready for work.

That’s it.. Oh..I forgot to mention.. I’m again in a quandry about a new phone.. I talked to a guy at Cappagrio who was carrying both an iphone and Blackberry. iPhone was for personal use… the Blackberry was for his work..He said “hands down get the iPhone”… Ugh… such a difficult decision.

Bye for now.


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