Things they forgot to teach in nursing school..

Namely, how to steer a gurney.

So, my nine readers.. picture this: your lovely author (and she is lovely… Michael told me so!) was requested tonight to take a patient from the ER (where I was working tonight @ Lankenau) to the floor where they were being admitted. I needed to take the elevator. Well, since I’m STILL trying to figure out where all of TLH’s elevators are…. I took the wrong one..

The gurney was a large one.. a fancy ER one w/ lots of steering equipment… add to that a cumbersome IV pole. Well, I get into the elevator..but only barely. I immediately realize that this is NOT the transport elevator..but it’s too late… I have wedged myself into the corner… the gurney is in the elevator at an angle.. Again, unfortunately, I’m on the WRONG side and cannot get to the panel to punch the 3rd floor. So, the door is shut to the elevator… I’m trying to figure out what to do.. so, what do I do????  I crawl under the gurney… I was hoping that there would be enough space for me to fit through.. and there was. Yippy for me.

Man… I’m paying all this money for a nursing education and I’m not learning the most basic skills… There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

Ok.. that’s it.

Good night all… it’s 12.33am in my neck of the woods.


6 responses to “Things they forgot to teach in nursing school..

  1. and I was right…she is lovely.

  2. folks..he’s being too kind. 😉

  3. Get a room………

  4. yea…right… in his dreams.

  5. Hey, a boys gotta have dreams….

  6. Kitchin's in Oz

    Don’t forget the folks in Oz are readers, like to keep up with what our US buddy is doing, so maybe you really have more readers than you think

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