Two Headlines…

1) Tony Snow died this morning. I remember when it was announced in March 2007 that his cancer had returned. We lost another great journalist and fellow political junkie.

2) “Shirtless Mormons Calendar Gets Man in Trouble”… Apparently, a Mormon man thought up a shirtless calendar featuring male missionaries without their shirts on. He might get excommunicated. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Weirdly enough..he is planning another calendar and has already gotten 100 former missionaries who want to be featured…

The thing about Mormonism that I will never get…  Christianity is not about rules. It’s not about not drinking alcohol or caffeine or appearing with your shirt off.

Sorry, the story just totally irked me.

That’s it for now.. I think I will go have another piece of my evil food before I head to work for a short 4 hour shift.


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