Evil Food.

Trader Joes’ “Inside Out Carrot Cake”  two thick carrot cake cookies held together by this amazing cream cheese frosting…

I have had two today already…


In other news… still don’t know which phone to go with… I need advice people… iPhone or Blackberry Pearl?  During the school year I do need the Internet, access to my email, texting, etc.. so, both phones would be a good choice…  but which one????

I need to leave for work in about 10 minutes.. thankfully only working for 4 hours

I wish I knew how to post pictures on wordpress… it was so much easier to post when I had my blogspot account… I have been going through really old pics lately…  it’s been fun….. you would never believe that some of these pictures are actually me.

OK.. I must get going… You know… I love going to work in scrubs..  fun, fun, fun..but I hate looking like a boy… (they are not really all that feminine… yea, there are scrubs made especially for females..but still… they aren’t all that attractive).

Ta-ta for now.


4 responses to “Evil Food.

  1. Well, if you are saying with T-Mobile, just go for the Blackberry Pearl. If you are looking to switch just for the iPhone, consider looking for the best phone deal with the Blackberry Curve. I myself would rather have the Curve than the iPhone. Typing anything on a non-responsive smooth screen can get really tiresome. Let’s face it, BB got the form factor right with their basic layout.

    Also, you can get Opera browser for BB, which supposedly gets you the “desktop” web experience you look for with the iPhone.

    Then again, you already sipped from the Apple Kool-Aid, being a Mac/iTunes/iPod user. Why not just O.D. on Apple and get it over with?

  2. Asa current PEARL user, my kingdon for my 7250 back. You will grow to hate the split keys. As for apply, the problem is they can never get it “quite” right.. Have you considered the voyager ?

  3. Voyager is w/ Verizon..right? I’m so scared about leaving T-Mobile b/c I have GREAT service.. I know nothing about Verizon or the Voyager..

    I did notice the split keys on the Pearl… and that they are in QWERTY format instead of alphabetical.. I’m not sure how fast I would get used to that.

    After Apple’s poor performance yesterday in activating their phones… I’m not sure I want to drink the purple cool-aid all the way yet.

  4. Apple just likes to rush things to market, consumer be damned. I would not touch an Iphone until they put in a removable battery. The Pearl keyboard is just a big disappointment. T-Mo is great until you venture outside CC. (one good thing about T-MO Pearl is that it is a world phone so you do not need to rent a call for international trips. Okay off to prepare for the weddding tonight…no wait we returned the engagement gifts for Valentines day.

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