The logic (??) of cell phone companies…

In particular… T-Mobile. Don’t get me wrong.. I love T-Mobile’s service. I’ve only had two companies in all my years of being with a cell phone… Sprint (for 2 years) and all the rest with T-Mobile (I can’t believe it’s been 6 years already).

Anyway, my 3rd two year contract is expiring at the end of August. I’m looking at new phones. I’m not a good comparison shopped when it comes to technical stuff. I bought a Canon printer because Canon is a good name… I bought a Canon digital camera for the same reason (and neither has disappointed).

I have been looking at the new iPhone. I’m still not thoroughly convinced it is the way to go… I’m not hot about AT&T…

So.. I was browsing T-Mobile’s website this afternoon. I’m looking at a Blackberry Pearl (in Ruby Red if you must know).. So…here’s what I don’t get… If I buy the phone outright… it’s $99! Since I’m already a T-Mobile customer… I can “upgrade” my handset to a Blackberry Pearl for only $249 + a 2 year contract. How does this make any sense whatsoever? Am I missing something here?

Oh… heard a quote today that made me laugh….

Homer Simpson: “What? There are onions in my peas?????” Ok… you had to see the episode to think this is funny. It was twice as funny for me because I was talking to my mom and they were having peas for dinner (no.. not JUST peas).. and my dad hates peas. He would hate them more so if they had onions in them.

Nothing else tonight.



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