A little of everything..

1. Just got home from seeing “Hancock”.. I really enjoyed it…the only thing… Peter Berg’s directing.. sometimes leaves me a little dizzy…

2. I can’t believe it cost me more today to fill up in gas than to buy a pair of shoes. The shoes I just bought were $40. The gas that will last until next Saturday: $43.

3. I locked myself out of my house this morning. Seriously, probably the first time I’ve done that in 8  years. Thankfully, I have a wonderful friend who drove to my house at 6am to give me my extra set of keys… I managed to be only 10 minutes late to work.

4. Work. Oh. My. Gosh. So much for an easy Saturday… nope. I didn’t eat lunch until 2.30 this afternoon. I leave at 3.30. It was that crazy. Dansko clogs are working.. feet didn’t hurt all day and still don’t. My upper arm muscles got quite a workout today..  Oh… two interesting things (I don’t think I’m violating HIPPA here… if anyone is reading this and I am truly violating HIPPA or is it HIIPA or HIPAA—gosh, I can’t remember–please tell me and I’ll remove it) 1).. a patient’s husband tried to set me up with their son.. 2) another patient thought I was preggers. I asked her “Why, do I look pregnant?”.. she answered “Well, you have a large stomach.” I came back with the witty line “Well, let’s see if I help you back into bed!!!”  She cracked up after that..  (***author’s note: for all those people who don’t think I would help an elderly woman back into bed.. you are clearly mistaken… I helped her back into bed.)

Ok.. only 4 things tonight. I thought I had more.

Good night for now.

Oops.. forgot to wish Gina C. a Happy Birthday! July 5th. Hope it’s a good one.


4 responses to “A little of everything..

  1. HAHA!

  2. What is the “HAHA” for? Also, what the heck were you doing up at 4.30 in the morning???

    You are too old to be out partying all night long. 🙂

  3. Insomnia…remember? 😉 The haha was for the weird day you had at work.

  4. just checking! 😉

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