I love my George Foreman grill…

On my way home for work tonight.. I stopped at the Acme for dinner. I couldn’t figure out what to buy… finally, I bought some fresh ground chuck…  made a hamburger…  grilled on my little baby George Foreman grill..  added pickles, bbq sauce, cheese,…  it was a fine hamburger…  Yum.

Work tonight was good. One of the many things I like about this job is that I can rotate to different floors. Tonight I was working on a cardiac unit. Not my cup of tea…but it was interesting. I like seeing the dynamics of each floor. This floor was weird.. I must have heard “I don’t want to get written up” about 4x. They seemed so worried about not doing their job correctly.

I called the bank to see why I was denied the loan on my own.. Just as I thought. I’m technically “unemployed.” It has nothing to do with my credit rating.. which is a good thing. Talked with my parents and my dad is going to co-sign for me. Very, very, very thankful for that. It’s just so much money.

The other thing that I’m being deliberately vague about. I think it will be fine in a good way. A little faith goes a long, long ways (so I have been told.. and sometimes I actually believe myself).  And yes, I am glad that I still believe in people and such..  I think it would be a mighty hard world to live in if I went around never trusting people.

For the last couple of days I have been going through the first season of “The West Wing” on DVD. I forgot how amazing this show was in its early days. The dialogue is amazing at times..  but I love the subtle looks between the characters.. and, yes, I have always harbored a little crush on Josh Lyman.  I’m so glad that Donna got him in the end.

Ok.. that’s it. Bye for now.


3 responses to “I love my George Foreman grill…

  1. 3 Things:

    First — That cheeseburger does not sound very kosher, now does it?

    B: Why do you not like cardiac, you can give these people actual reason to believe in the process.

    3) I take great comfort in knowing that the people who may at some point during my stay be placing wery powerful electrodes on my chest are concerned about doing their job correctly.

  2. cheeseburger..definitely not kosher.. i’m a meat lover… through and through.

    i know.. it’s crazy… i should LOVE cardiac… but i find it boring. it was my LOWEST test score all year.

    i think the majority of techs like their jobs.. last night i felt like it was the management of the floor that made everyone uneasy and dissatisfied. it actually was quite sad. and plus… those powerful electrodes probably won’t kill you.. .unless you are dunked in a big tub of water. 🙂

  3. Having awoken to the smell of my burning flesh, I want the tech to know know what they are doing because I want to see the lines on the screen a little less “spikey”

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