I’m paralyzed with a free Saturday..

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do with my day. Since I thought I had to work… I didn’t even think about today’s activities…  Now that I have the whole day open… I’ve wasted a third of the day.

I actually quite scared to see “The Happening”… I’m not one to really be swayed by reviewers…but most people are saying that it’s a huge waste of time. Time magazine had a feature chronically how bad M. Night’s movies keep getting… and even though I have *liked* them all… I have to agree none will ever compare with “The Sixth Sense”…but then I’m not sure that they are supposed to..  I might have to wait a little bit before I shell out $8.50 to see this one.

But then again… I really want my movie nachos today.  Decisions, Decisions.

That’s it…. I would take a road trip to nowhere except for the price of gas doesn’t afford me to travel aimlessly on the roads (something I love to do.. I love the spontaneity of it all).

For all those who were wondering.. letter to Aunt is in the mail… that’s the one thing that I accomplished this morning in between my tears from watching all the tribute shows to Tim Russert.

Now.. really… I’m going…  Enjoy your Saturday.


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