What I ate today…

0545: Orange Juice and granola bar

0930: nice, moist cinnamony goodness from Acme in the form of a cinnamon roll with lots & lots of frosting

0935: another half of a new cinnamon roll

1300: lean cuisine, black cherry fresca (by the way, the older nurses say that “fresca” is an OLD soft drink.. really?), and another WHOLE cinnamon roll (if you aren’t keeping tally.. that’s 2.5 cinnamon rolls)

1600: regular size lemon ice from Rita’s

Ok… that’s it so far…  I think I might explode…I know I walked a lot today at work…but still… 2.5 cinnamon rolls??????????????????  UGH…


In other news… just read on CNN that Tim Russert died.  How crazy.  Next to David Bloom (died of a DVT in Iraq in 2003) he was my second favorite TV guy.  He just seemed so down to earth (oh… and he went to my dad’s college… John Carroll Univ in Ohio… good Jesuit school).

White Sox lost 3 in a row to Detroit.  UGH.  How easy the mighty fall.

Don’t have to work tomorrow.  WhooHoo…  great… but I’ll miss the money.

I have a free Saturday now.  I think I might do what I did last Saturday… take the train into the city.

Ok.. that’s it for now.  I still need to write that letter to my Aunt.  I was exhausted on Wednesday night and last night I wasn’t home.  I had a date.

No. Not really.  Seriously.

No date.


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