The beauty of Netflix..

Is that I get to discover gems of movies that I probably would otherwise never see.

After I got home from work today, changed, opened the mail, took a nap (!!!), etc… I watched “Bella”.  I don’t know how I missed this movie at the theatre.  It’s an amazing little movie. I liked it almost as much as I liked “Once”…

“Bella” mostly takes place during the course of one day’s time. The two main characters… a waitress & a former soccer star turned chef…through a series of events find themselves spending the day together (i’m REALLY bad at summarizing movies w/o giving away too many plot details) walking and talking and eating. they are both facing difficulties in life…

Ok… blah, blah, blah…  JUST SEE IT.  How’s that for a review?  It’s a great movie. It’s in English with some Spanish (w/ subtitles).

That’s it.  I think I hear thunder outside my window right now.  A heavy rain would be great to fall asleep to…

Enjoy lower temps tomorrow.


2 responses to “The beauty of Netflix..

  1. i really enjoyed that movie – just saw it recently. made me cry a little. yes, people should just see it 🙂

  2. I know… I cried too… I needed more than a few tissues to get through the movie… loved the story.

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