A Funny thing happened…

In the shower this morning… so, I have this necklace that I’m wearing… it’s a large disc on a silver chain…basically it’s a cast of a piece of coral (v.v.v.v cool… bought it at Open House 13th & Samson)…  Anyway, there are many edges on the disc… so, I’m using my mesh spongy thing and the mesh gets hooked onto one of the edges of the necklace…  I literally spend 5 minutes trying to get the mesh unhooked…  Ok… maybe it doesn’t sound funny now..but it was about 10 minutes ago.  Needless to say…I need a new mesh spongy thing.

Other not so important news…

White Sox 4.5 games up in their division… Yippy.  I love when they are doing good.

Spent yesterday walking around in the city…  Really, really hot…but I had a great day… saw a movie at the Ritz, ate at Reading Terminal, read my book in my favorite spot in Old City, designed a new Viv Pickle bag (3rd & Market http://www.vivpickle.com — my DOWNFALL… I owe about 6 of them now).

Managed to lose 2 pounds even though I ate way too many chocolate brownies… (4)

Today I’m going to IKEA…  need boxes for clothes for storage…  my room is a disaster.

Work is still going well… got my first paycheck on Friday…  :O)  Which was v. good.  Not a heck of a lot of money… but enough to sustain me for a few weeks.

That’s it from here… Enjoy your day…  Ta-ta for now.


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