So far so good…

My first week of work is almost finished. It’s actually going pretty well. No complaints. Everybody is really nice and welcoming. Yesterday I received a card in the mail from the Unit. Most of the people on the floor signed it to welcome me. My Unit manager said it was something that Lankenau did for all new employees. I thought it was a nice touch that should probably be practiced everywhere.

The patients are a mixture. It’s busy enough. Another added benefit is that I really can’t think about failed relationships when I’m at work. I’m too busy to let my mind wander.

The one thing I am noticing… that my feet hurt. I need to invest in a better pair of shoes.

Other things…

1. White Sox are doing pretty well… not as well as the Phillies…but pretty well and that makes me happy for the good guys.

2. Tonight is my “Lost” evening.  I am going to sit in front of the TV from 8-11pm EST and do nothing except watch “Lost” and continue to crochet my new baby blanket (sage green w/ white).

3. Here is a plug for Triscuits. I bought a “new-to-me” version: Cracked Pepper w/ Olive Oil. Very good. Just peppery enough. Actually, I need to stop eating them. I think I just ate a 1/4 of the box now.

That’s about it from here.


One response to “So far so good…

  1. I want a card from my Unit!

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