Uneventful Saturday…

Honestly, nothing exciting happened today. Nothing at all. I went to the scrubs shop in Drexel Hill to exchange (for the THIRD time) a set of scrubs. By the way, if one wants to open a clothing store of any kind a dressing room would probably help your business a lot. It’s just a thought. I know… it’s a risky thing.. (she said sarcastically as she realizes YET again… she will need to return to aforementioned scrub shop a FOURTH time because the large pants are clearly made for a short person of a large stature).

Recent movies update:
1. Prince Caspian. I want my money back.
2. Indiana Jones. Loved it.

My exciting evening is watching “Titantic” on TNT… I think Jack is professing his love to Rose right about now.

Bye for now.


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