Doing a whole lot of nothing.

I’m back in Chicago for the week.  Doing Nothing except sleeping, watching massive amounts of cable TV, shopping, eating out, etc. 

It’s actually feels a little strange to NOT have to do anything or be anywhere.

It looks like a nice day today (mid 70s)… so, I’m thinking I might take a little roadtrip. I received my birthday present a few months early.  My parents last night gave me a Magellan (sp?) portable GPS.  It’s very, very cool.  Can’t wait to use it on my trip to Vermont later this summer.

Ok… here’s a funny story that would only happen to me. Yesterday morning I got up and needed to go the bathroom.  My parents’ home has 3 bathrooms in it and I was using the one of the ones upstairs… well, I didn’t have my contacts on and didn’t realize that the seat was UP (my dad must have used it before he left for work @ 6am).  So, I sat down and almost fell in butt first.  Not a pretty site…but it was mildly amusing.

Ok.. that’s it.  Enjoy your day. 


2 responses to “Doing a whole lot of nothing.

  1. Sounds wonderful!!!

    This is like me when I realize I don’t have any kids in the back seat. It feels a little like I’m missing something, but can’t figure out what.

  2. I can always turn to you for a laugh.

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