Just got home from my last day of clinical rotations. I’m officially finished with clinicals for my first year of nursing school. Don’t have to wear that crazy uniform for 16 weeks. Don’t have to wear that ugly plastic name tag again until next September. It was a fun last day. We took a little longer for dinner than usual (Note: even though I’m eating TONS at Qdobe.. I still like Chipolte better–and I’m too tired to even care if I have spelled those right).  We had a couple of case study presentations tonight.  One group did a “Jeopardy” theme & the other group did a skit which was hilarious (my partner and I did a crossword puzzle for the group to complete last night).

I rec’d the grade back on my 27 page nutrition project.  93%.  It doesn’t even seem fair.  It’s a fine grade…but whatever.  Her final exam is tomorrow and I have hardly studied for it. I just don’t care. I can’t figure out my attitude about her class. I’ve never felt this way about a class before. I just absolutely loathe it with every fiber of my body. Is that graphic enough? The sad thing is: I think she is a really cool woman and I think she would be cool to go get a beer with & talk about whatever… but as a teacher….  as a class…  I’ve never had so much contempt and dissatisfaction for a class ever. As an undergrad I was too young to know better…in grad school…  I was too scared about not passing to raise an eyebrow…  but here… I’m passing… I’m doing well in the class… I don’t actually care one iota if I pass her last exam tomorrow or not. It’s only worth 10%…  I’ve passed everything else… so, I can fail and it won’t make a difference.

My checking account is still waiting for my government stimulus check. When it arrives I will be stimulating the account of Aer Lingus (is that how it is spelled?).  Yes, boys & girls… yours truly is going to Dublin, Ireland in August.  Can’t friggin’ wait.

Ok.. that’s it… I actually have TWO exams tomorrow back-to-back… I am going to review my anatomy…because I actually care about this grade.

Ta-ta for now.


3 responses to “Tired.

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  2. Hey, Can’t wait to see you. Hang in there. You are in the home stretch.

  3. woohoo- Ireland! that’s exciting. always have wanted to go – that and Scotland.

    congrats on finishing well 🙂

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