Thursday Night Update

Things that happened this week:

1. 90% on Anatomy Test

2. 92% on Pharmacology Test

3. Membership purchased for National Constitution Center

4. Looked around baseball exhibit at the NCC

5. Reason for purchase of membership: just visiting vs a year membership…about a $10 difference.

6. Empty Diet Coke cans around house: 6

7. How many Diet Coke cans I have thrown away: 0


9. Number of days until I leave for Chicago: 17

10. V.v.v happy that my mindless TV is back in session: Ugly Betty, Grey’s, Lost

11. Tonight eating dinner at a friend’s house.  I think I need to leave in a few minutes.  Gosh, I really hope it’s still at 7pm…  I haven’t checked my diary all week.

That’s about it.  Oh, and I’m tired…but there’s nothing new about that one.


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