Utter Boredom…

It’s Saturday night.  I’ve spent most of the day NOT studying.  I have wasted tons of time on the Internet, sleeping, eating, watching movies, etc.

I still have two more pages to outline for anatomy.  I should have had this finished at about 3.30 today.  I really know how to waste time when I want to… don’t I?

I’ve spent time looking at the hospitals that I want to work at after I graduate.  My top choices (in NO order whatsoever): And, please….  just because most of these hospitals are out of state… I still haven’t really decided what I’ll be doing.. I’m just looking.

Ok.. my choices..

Methodist Hospital.. Indianapolis, IN

Lankenau Hospital.. Wynewood, PA

Hershey Medical Center.. Hershey, PA

Ohio State University Medical Center..Columbus, OH

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.. Indianapolis, IN

CHOP.. Philadelphia, PA

Rush University Medical Center.. Chicago, IL

University of Chicago Medical Center..Chicago, IL

Loyola University Medical Center.. Maywood, IL

Barnes-Jewish Hospital.. St Louis, MO

Ok.. so that’s my list… we’ll see what happens next year.


Something that people might not know about me… I’m really into cars.  I love cars.  I love auto racing.  For a woman I have an unnatural love for the automobile.  Anyway, I just was looking at the BMW 1 series… LOVE IT.  A little too expensive right now for me…. but maybe in a few years… It’s small and v.v. cute..  and looks v.v. fast.


Ok… back to studying.  Oh.. and watching Harry Potter #3 on ABC.

Ta-ta for now.

I really want a beer.  Unfortunately, none of my friends drink.  How sad is that?  If you are my friend and would fancy a beer one night… please call me.


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