It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

That’s the name of that TV show.. on Showtime..right????  I’ve never seen it..but I hear it’s funny.  Today is a beautiful day.  I walked the extra couple of miles to 30th Street Station just to be outside.  I ran into an old friend on Chestnut Street which was totally, utterly random.  I glad I did because he’s moving to NYC in a few months.

Test went well.  I had a few stupid errors…but all in all.. not all that bad.

Ok.. I’m not happy to admit it..but I succumbed.  I subscribed to People Magazine and got my first issue today.  I have such a short attention span with anything that doesn’t have to do with school.. I needed a short attention span type of reading material.  I know this is a faulty argument because I could have just as easily subscribed to the WSJ..but I didn’t.  I really want to know about Ashlee Simpson and whether she’s pregnant or not.  It’s national news.  Much more important than the stock market or the price of gas.

Also… go White Sox (the author typed in a sarcastic tone).  You blew one last night… didn’t you????  Bottom of the 9th.  Go figure.


One response to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  1. i won’t judge… if it weren’t for the price, i would totally subscribe to people too… since i end up buying it at walmart anyway

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