Still waiting for the laundry to dry…

So, I have been trying to dry the laundry for the past 4 hours. I started at 8am and one load is STILL pretty damp (I just ran into the maintenance guy.. he said that there has been no heat… just air…but that it should be fixed soon). I am thankful that my nursing uniforms actually did dry after the 4th drying cycle… Ahh… maybe someday I will NOT have to feed quarters into a machine to do my laundry.. It’s something to wish for in the future when I’m making the big bucks as a nurse.

So, for those who are ever-so curious. I did end up removing J. as a “friend” on Facebook. I cried for an hour afterward. I’m sure he didn’t even notice, so I don’t know what I’m getting so upset over. For whatever reason we can’t be friends now. I’ve been pretty resolute about it. Haven’t once tried to call or text or email him. A friend of mine suggested that I limit my “sad” time to 30 minutes/day re him and then to move on… Which, sometimes it has worked… on other days.. it has been a lot longer than 30 minutes.

Blah, blah, blah…

That’s it… my mom just called so I’m on the phone w/ her.

Bye for now.

ps.. the White Sox have won FOUR in a row!!! :O) Go good guys.


2 responses to “Still waiting for the laundry to dry…

  1. Friendly advice…..30 minutes a day is alot of time to waste being sad about someone else..

  2. grieving is normal, and you’re grieving the loss of a friend, and eventually, you won’t be grieving anymore…so grieve the amount you need to, and eventually, it’ll all work out.

    grieve grieve grieve

    haha – that’s a funny looking word to me.

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