It’s almost over.

I only have a little over a month left of school.  Classes officially end on May 2nd.  My last final is on May 9th.  I’m so tired I could just sleep for a week.  I’m tired of studying.  I’m tired of memorizing.  I’m tired of the little callus on my thumb from writing so much (it’s actually hurting right now).

I know I can get through this last stretch.  I really feel like I’ve been running a marathon.

I’m in a bad mood if you can’t tell.

Yesterday was a crappy day.  Today it looks beautiful outside and I haven’t been out once.. been inside all day studying.  So, today hasn’t been all that great either.

I think I will take a drive… go get some dinner…  Wow.  I feel better already.


One response to “It’s almost over.

  1. you’ll make it. congrats on the year! it’s almost over.

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