Some random good things

(in no particular order)
1. Nutrition test is in less than 12 hours. I’ll be so thankful when I can finally get it out of the way. There are only so many times you can review ETOH consumption, lipids, and proteins.
2. Seattle in FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what I’m going to do when I get there. So, I’m excited about the spontaneity of it all. I did get some pointers from J. (yes, were still friends… did you all have any doubt?… don’t answer that! I know I did.) I actually will have to study while I’m out there.. So, I think I’ve found a cozy bookshop (Elliott Bay) to spend a day (not a good thing… 4 exams the week I get back).
3. Received a $2500 scholarship from my school. I think this nursing thing might actually work out.
4. My favorite movie from 2007 won Best Song at the Academy Awards the other night. The song is “Falling Slowly” and everytime I hear it I get chills. Literally.
5. Totally over what happened last week… I guess everyone should get stood up at least once… builds character & backbone. Maybe I should thank him?
6. Opening day… it can’t really be that far away… right?
7. Spicy Crispy Calamari Salad from Marathon Grill. I had it today for lunch… $11 well spent.
8. It’s 10pm now.. only 1 more hour of studying… sleep & then up again at 4am.
9. Speaking of baseball… I ordered myself a cool new White Sox shirt… Green –long sleeved w/ the Sox logo embroidered down the front (v.v.v. small). For those who don’t know… the White Sox have a “6 months to St. Patrick’s Day” game every year in September. It’s a fun time…

Hmmm… can only think of 9 things today. Now, I’ll return to my lecture on Fatty Acids. Yippy.

Enjoy your night.


One response to “Some random good things

  1. i fell asleep during the oscars, so i just found out about falling slowly winning – didn’t even realize it was nominated (knew it was for grammy and lost)… so that is super great! i bought the soundtrack on itunes… i listen to it alot.

    that is AWESOME about your scholarship. WOOHOO!

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