It just shouldn’t be this way.

So, as I wrote yesterday (or the day before… I can’t remember) about going out to coffee w/ a guy that I liked.  That I thought we had a good time talking together (the Starbucks people asked us to leave b/c the store was closing)… who we had good conversation, etc.

Why, oh, why … would this man go to all the trouble to say “we will go out on Friday night.  what’s your address (and then he actually wrote down directions)?  i’ll call you on Thursday to confirm, etc..” and then not call, not return a text asking him if we were still hanging out tonight… etc.  I mean, you all don’t have to answer that… I know what the “answer” is.  He just wasn’t that into me when he actually met me (ie… I wasn’t as gorgeous as his imagination imagined me to be), but was too chicken to actually say that he would rather not see me again…  because even though I have a winning personality, can hold a decent conversation, and have tons in common with him…  I just wasn’t pretty enough.

So, I’m in stay-at-home mode already tonight.  Scrub pants are on (which means… I’m not going anywhere except the local Wawa if needed) & I’m trying to decide what to do tonight since my Netflix didn’t come in the mail (which, actually NOTHING came in the mail…b/c an inch of snow in Northeastern PA… I guess the Postal Workers get the day off also).

That’s it.  I’m done venting…  If, by some MIRACULOUS chance he proves me wrong and shows up at my doorstep at 6pm… I’ll be the first to say I was wrong…  since that’s not going to happen.  I’ll just call him a liar (is coward a better word?) and move on.

Ok.. I’m still pissed.


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