An observation

So.. someone told me that when I started nursing school little things will go by the wayside… I just wouldn’t have time for them anymore. Well, it rang true. A little thing: shaving my legs. It used to be so gross to me to go longer than two days… Just thinking about it made me cringe. Not anymore. Now I’m lucky if I have the time to do it once/week.

Today was one of those days.

It’s the little things that get me excited.

I know. I’m weird.

Oh.. test update: I bombed my heart failure test on Valentine’s Day: 82%. High “B-” Oh, well… can’t get “A”s on all of them.

Oh.. one more thing before I bid goodbye for the day: What the heck is going on w/ “LOST”?????????????? People are saying how amazing this season is already. Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks we are still getting more questions than answers????????????? I loved last night’s episode w/ Sayid. What about Hurley double crossing the other group???? I loved Sawyer & Kate… I wonder if Sawyer gets off the island also???

That’s it. Bye for now.


2 responses to “An observation

  1. Sad to admit, I had to drop a poetry class in cillege because one girl liked to wear very short skirts(normally not a bad thing but had curly, black hair on her legs. Bad flash-back.

  2. well, thankfully it’s february… not the weather for short skirts… and IF by chance i wear a skirt during the week (which is known to happen).. i will take the extra effort… :O)

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