My Sunday morning…

So… it’s strangely quiet here.  My cable TV is out.  I usually have the morning news shows on or whatever movie TBS might be playing.  This is a horrible time for the cable to be out… and, of course, Comcast was no help at all.  They used the canned answer “well, there is no service outage in your area, blah, blah, blah….”  I was too  tired last night to really care…  Tonight is the Brett Favre/Eli Manning matchup…  I’m hoping I can crash at someone else’s house to watch the game.  I know… I shouldn’t care this much about a stupid football game…  but, I do.  It’s Brett Favre!!!

Nothing else horribly exciting to report.  I stayed in all of yesterday to study.  Didn’t leave my place once…  I probably did more fooling around then actual reading…but I got a good majority of stuff accomplished.

Oh.. I’m sure you all were wondering… I did find my beloved red filofax…  it was buried under a couple of blankets.

That’s it…  now you may go back to your ultra exciting lives!


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