And so it begins again…

Tomorrow is a 4.15am wake up call. I’ll be catching the train at 5.39am to get to the city with enough time to be there by 7. There’s a train that leaves Media at 6.11am…but it doesn’t arrive at Market East until 6.57….. 3 minutes is not enough time to allow to be at the hospital by 7. There is no room for error or pokiness on my part (or Septa’s for that matter). I could drive…but again… gas & the cost of parking…

I’m not looking forward to going back. Yes, I know… my attitude has just done a complete 360 from the last time I commented on starting school. I feel like I have to get back into the game as an unwilling participant.

Ok… the countdown has begun. 7 weeks until Spring break. March 2, 2008 I’ll be flying to Seattle. I can do this.

Hopefully, my upstairs neighbors won’t be busy tonight so I can get some sleep.


One response to “And so it begins again…

  1. Ya know. If you try some of what they are doing, you may be able to sleep a little sounder yourself.

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