Speaking of oranges…

Oh Scott… who is this person who has graced this blog site with his presence???? “Navel oranges or sweet clementines?” Quite hilarious.

Speaking of oranges, I had a huge sunkist orange for dinner tonight (plus some leftover Chinese food & some chocolate & probably some Triscuits.. oh.. & the current Diet Coke I’m slowly drinking down).

The proper size cannot yet be determined…but much larger than sweet clementines. I did see the doc today for my follow up appt. Everything is going as scheduled. I was given permission to finally take a shower & at 5pm today I did just that… I. LOVE. CLEAN. HAIR. My hair was sooooooo greasy… icky…. icky… ugh.

Other random things worth mentioning…
1. Roger Clemens. I so don’t know what to think of one of my baseball heros. I think I have been blind. I’ve been reading up on his situation a lot today and he’s looking so guilty. Especially w/ all of his swearing in public…
2. Tomorrow I’m going to a bar by myself for the first time EVER. I’m seeing a friend play guitar. Can women go to bars by themselves? What do I do? Just go the bar, order a beer, and sit there???? I’m usually ok by myself…but I’m not sure I will be in a place so social.
3. Breaking down and buying a new printer tomorrow. I so need one.

Ok.. that’s about it.



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