Last week of freedom

It’s so strange being off for three straight weeks. I’m actually bored. If I didn’t have the surgery I wouldn’t have minded going back to school a week early. I do have some reading and practice NCLEX questions to catch up on… so, I’ll put all my free time to good use this week.

So, the surgery went well. I was out before I hit the operating room doors… the last thing I remember was being wheeled from the holding area into the separate area w/ all the operating rooms. I just remember it getting a lot colder than normal… then the next thing I remember was I was in recovery throwing up big time from the anesthesia.

I guess for full disclosure… I know it might freak some people out… others might totally disagree with me…but whatever. I had an elective procedure. I had a breast reduction. I have been thinking about it for MANY years and it finally just seemed like the right time. I know men supposedly LOVE big breasts and blah, blah, blah… but frankly, they were damn uncomfortable and always seemed to be in the way.. and I hated how men looked at my chest more than looked at my face. I hated spending over $50 on every bra I purchased (actually, of all my proper fitting bras… the cheapest was $68…).

I haven’t had a chance to really get acquainted with my new sized breasts yet (ok… yes, I’m sure you are curious… they went from maybe small cantelope to sunkist oranges???) because they are still wrapped. But already, I feel more feminine. I like my shape better. My clothes fit better. I’m excited to buy bras at that ultra fancy store called Kohls (I could only find my previous size at Nordstrom’s).

My surgery was over by Noon on Thursday and then I spent that night in the hospital. Some of my girlfriends stopped by which was very nice. One of my friends bought me a nice litttle training bra from Target…. it was hilariously funny. J. also stopped by. He was the only guy I told what I was having done. Again, it’s the weirdness in me… I feel like I can tell him anything. And, I usually do. Before I left for holiday I asked him if he would come.. He said he would. I was waiting all day for him to show up and basically gave up… and then I remembered… he always shows up to places he says he is going to show up to… he’s very reliable that way.

I’m a little uncomfortable at the moment mostly because I have started to itch.. which, I think is a good sign that I’m heeling… also, for the fact that I haven’t been able to take a shower since last Thursday…. my hair is getting greasy (which I LOATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). My doc said that I can take a shower tomorrow night. I’m not sure if I can wait another 29 hours. UGH.

Blah, Blah, Blah… so, there you have it…

Ta-ta for now.

Enjoy your day.


5 responses to “Last week of freedom

  1. i’m glad you disclosed – i didn’t want to be nosy and ask, but i was curious 🙂

    glad you’re getting better and healing well.

  2. i am glad your healing well. I had a friend have a breast reduction and it made her feel so much better. Well after all you are the best so why not feel the best.

  3. Uhhh, I’m a guy, and I knew about this for a long time.

  4. BTW, do you want to share the funny movie moment that we talked about, sort of related to your survey?

  5. Are we talking naval oranges or sweet clementines. Oh whats the difference we caqn all use some vitamin C

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