For lack of an original title: “My Dec. 11th”

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to say “hi” before I delve into the brain that I need to memorize for tomorrow’s exam. Actually, it’s only 19 parts of the brain plus 70some bones of the body. Thankfully, I went to my local Borders armed w/ my 40% off coupon and bought these amazing bone flashcards and have been memorizing for a few weeks now… I have the bones down pat… Now, need to get the brain in my brain before tomorrrow.

Today was my last day of clinical for the semester. I was able to sleep in this morning (read: 6.30am!) & have a leisurely breakfast watching the “Today” show before heading to the hospital. Once there we said goodbye to our nurses on our floor and then our instructor took us out to lunch at a restaurant on Passyunk (sp?) Avenue. I can’t remember the name…but it was really good… It was my first experience of eating in South Philly. I think it would be fun to actually go back on the weekend and see it alive with people.

Oh.. and today is 14 days until Christmas. I still don’t feel very Christmasy. I was joking w/ the security guard this morning at Methodist about the Nativity Scene… b/c it’s all set up..but the baby Jesus statue is no where to be found… The guard said very naturally… “Well, he hasn’t been born yet!” Yup. Good Answer… later on in the day, a classmate said to me that the nativity is too religious for her. It just got me thinking… how commercial Christmas is now. I mean, it has been for awhile…but it’s just so crazy. I know Jesus probably wasn’t born on Dec 25… heck… I’ll let the theologians debate that one… but I would think without the birth of Christ we wouldn’t be celebrating a Christmas Day… right? Gosh, ok… my mind is hurting thinking this hard… so, I think I’ll stop.

OK… it’s 6.05pm… I think I need to raid my freezer for some dinner. And a Diet Pepsi.

Ta-ta folks. Enjoy your evening.


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