More tests…

Today was the A&P lab midterm. I did fine until it came to identify the epithealeal (sp? it’s too late at night for me to care if I spelled it right) cells… (ie… simple squamous, stratified squamous, pseudostratified columnar, etc). Well, there were 6 to identify. I think I might (& that’s a BIG might) have got 1 right.

It sounds like Boston just scored another run in Game 1 of the WS. UGH. I want to turn something else on…but I have a math test tomorrow… and baseball is something I can basically tune out w/o paying all that much attention… if it was a TV show and/or a movie… I would have to watch.

This weekend is all full w/ wedding stuff. I think this will be the last wedding I attend for awhile. I just can’t handle my emotions of my jealousy that it’s not me getting married.

Of all things… my mom… who prays weekly (so she says) for my husband… asked about a one Dr. Anziska. For my 7 readers who have been with me for a long time… Dr. Anziska was rotating through when I was in the hospital 6 years ago. He’s somewhere in NYC I presume doing doctorly things. Anyway, my mom really like him. I really liked him. His picture is still on my refrigerator door… which, sometimes I think is odd…

… sometimes I wonder if my picture is on anyone’s refrigerator door… ok… I don’t wonder all that much…but sometimes.

Ok… I’m going.. really, I am… I have to get this crazy math thing… It’s not crazy..b/c it’s super important. Decimals can kill patients. And, I’m sooo not ready to deal with that yet.



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