Dress Shopping.

Is something that I hate. Loathe? Dispise? Shopping for dresses has never been easy for me. But then again, I’m sure most women (unless you are a supermodel) find that dress shopping isn’t their favorite thing in the world… We got finished with school extra early today (1.15) so, I headed off to Macy’s in Center City…

This store didn’t have the dress that I liked at my local Macy’s.. oh well.. they did have a bigger selection… so, at least I THOUGHT I would be able to find something else… I took 7 dresses into the room with me… only one fit. I bought it. I’m not happy with it… but I’m totally not unhappy either. It’s a black velvet knee length dress. It’s a sleeveless v-neck… and it sorta “swooshes” when you turn around in it (ala… Julla Roberts in Runaway Bride… you know.. that sound her one wedding dress made). I really wanted to find a colorful dress…b/c every dress I buy is black. I look good in black..but it does get boring after awhile. Oh well… now I can concentrate on other things… like buying the guestbook & money basket for the reception.

In other news:
1. V. sad the Cleveland Indians lost.
2. Scored a 70 on a quiz today… not very happy about that. But… I have a new attitude.. :O) “Lose some battles.. win the war.” :O)
3. Tomorrow is a 4.30am wake up call. Yippy. Can’t wait. Super excited! (…she said sarcastically!)
4. I’m getting a sore throat.. this can’t be good.
5. I have found time to read a book not about medicine. I’m not sure how..but I am.. It’s a chick lit book & the name TOTALLY escapes me now.

That’s about it for now.


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