Lazy Weekend…

It’s early Sunday evening (5.09pm) and I haven’t opened a book at all. I’m a bad, bad student (I mean this in a v.v. sarcastic way). I don’t have anything overly pressing this coming week; (you know… I never know if I use semi-colons correctly….) so I decided to take a break.

After church today I went to try on some dresses for the wedding next week. Nothing fit. I hate when that happens. I found a very pretty velvet one that I loved… I’m hoping the Macy’s in the city will have it one size larger. It would be a great dress to wear to a multitude of winter events… so, I would be willing to bite the $150 bullet on this one.

And to WHOEVER controls the weather up there… please send us some Fall temps. I’m sick of this 80 degree stuff. UGH.


One response to “Lazy Weekend…

  1. perhaps a church wide fast for cooler temps?

    investing $$ in good quality classic clothes that will last is always a good idea 🙂

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