Different things I did today.

1. Went to Penn for an appt. Waited for 2 hours to see the doc.
2. Ordered a Potbelly sandwich: roast beef, provolone on white
3. Took the bus from Penn to Jeff
4. Went to class.
5. Fell asleep in class. Miss 15 minutes of lecture b/c I was asleep.
6. Tried to figure out which slides were examples of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, & telophase. Failed miserably. Will try again tomorrow night.
7. Took the bus from Jeff back to Penn.
8. Went to my appt to interview a nurse for my paper.
9. She didn’t show up.
10. Took the train back home.
11. Booked my B&B room in Seattle for early March 2008.
12. Ordered a new school bag at LL Bean.
13. Ate some Cracker Jack.
14. Drank too much Diet Coke (24 ounces all together today)

That’s it. Now, I will eat dinner and study for my 3rd Pharmacology test for tomorrow.

Bye for now.


One response to “Randomness

  1. I always find that if you can get out of HUP in under 4 hours, you had a pretty good day.

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