can be a lonely thing. Yesterday I only ventured out of my house once… to go to Target. It was nice to be among people again. Even if it was only to buy maxipads, toothpaste, and toilet bowl cleaner. So, basically, I studied off and on from 8am to 3pm and then again from 4.30-9pm. Then I watched the baseball game. I’m torn over who to root for in the Boston-Cleveland Series… I lived in Clvd…. but I really like Boston… Hmmmm… I think I’ll go with the Indians…

Today I actually went to see a movie. It’s the first movie I saw in a theatre since the end of August. I bought my 1,000 calorie movie nachos and settled in to watch an interesting movie. I went to see “The Kingdom” which was directed by one of my favorite people… Peter Berg (from Friday Night Lights fame). The movie was pretty intense… but it kept me interested and off thinking about the stages of pressure ulcers.

Two tests this week. #3 for Pharmacology is this Thursday afternoon & #2 for Acute and Chronic is on Friday morning. It seems like all we do is get tested…which as much as I hate it now… I know it is a good thing… more testing means more exposure to “NCLEX like” test questions which means a better chance of me passing the NCLEX on the first go-around (hopefully in the Summer of ’09).

Wow… nothing else too exciting to report from here. Actually, I’m downright boring.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.


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