Telemetry ain’t all that exciting anymore…(and other musings)

Got back a little bit ago from Methodist. I feel like we got the short end of the straw (or however that saying goes…). We have some interesting patients…but we don’t go to lunch saying “Hey… we saw a stage 3 pressure sore!” or “Hey, I saw a leg amputated today in surgery!” Our team goes to the cafeteria and says “Yea, we cleaned a lot of poop today.” And, basically that’s what it’s come down to these first couple of weeks…changing beds and cleaning BMs. Which is fine… we need to learn to be with patients… but it does seem like we do a lot of waiting around. Our instructor asked us today if any of us were bored. We all raised our hands. We don’t go back until 10/16… she said she would have some more stuff for us to do.

Other musings…
Yes, I am a woman and I had a crush on J. I would have been crazy to NOT have developed a crush on J. I don’t know where “Someone” came into this story..but #!) didn’t find out he had a girlfriend until late & #2) he is Jewish and does not date non-Jewish women. So, I am not Jewish and have no intentions of converting (I hope that doesn’t come across as snobbish or elitest or whatever the correct word is… I love knowing about Judaism & their traditions… w/o Judaism there would not be Christianity…).

I’m at that point now where I have begun to see (yes.. I’m a slow learner) that I’m always the one asking him for coffee… I’m always the one asking how he is…etc… I’m not anymore. My life doesn’t seem all that interesting to him (plus he does have all those things happening to him that “Someone” spelled out).

The above being said… I asked him to the wedding because I truly thought it would be cool to invite him & hang out with him for an evening. What I meant by saying that I *knew* that he would say no… was that I ALWAYS assume guys will say no to something I ask b/c honestly rarely have guys ever said “yes” to me.

Guys have never been attracted to me physically (another reason J. would never fall for me… his former girlfriend is beautiful & skinny).

All my friends are my age or younger. I don’t know any older couples w/ a son in their 30s. All the men in my nursing class are in their early or middle 20s. Ten years younger than me. There was one I thought of asking…but, since I’ve only been in school for a month…. thought it was too soon to be asking for an escort to a wedding.

Re: wedding coordinator. The bride goes to a different church than I do. Most of the people are either from her church or from her childhood home. The groom is from Quebec… so, I don’t ANYONE on his side. I will know her former roommates and that’s about it…

Blah, Blah, blah… I need to eat something and then start studying before “House” comes on tonight.


6 responses to “Telemetry ain’t all that exciting anymore…(and other musings)

  1. As a nurse myself, I will have to tell you that most of nursing is cleaning poop and other not too exciting things. ER and Grey’s Anatomy it ain’t. For every code and interesting procedure there are 3 poop clean ups and 4 angry family members.

    Also, I realize that you didn’t know about J’s girlfriend until later on. My point was less about J and more about you. You are a worthwhile person. You deserve a wonderful person in return. You keep putting up these roadblocks for yourself. The majority of this post was you giving reasons why you can’t get an escort to the wedding. Sues gave some good advice about finding someone to go with you, and you seem to be dead set on finding reasons why you can’t.

    I have had my share of guys who don’t work out. I have had my share of guys who aren’t interested in me, even though I am interested in them. I used to get upset about it, but then I thought. I realized that I was spending more time crying over something that was supposed to make me happy, than actually enjoying it. It isn’t easy to be single. It isn’t fun to see everyone around you having that one thing that you really wish you had. But it is better to keep trying rather then just say “Oh well, I am alone and I always will be. Guys never say yes, so they all will say no.” I mean, is thinking like that helping at all? Has it made you feel any better? Did you feel better talking to J thinking in the back of your mind that you were going to fail? I have a friend who believes that “Whatever you believe you receive”, meaning whatever you put out into the universe you get back. Maybe instead of putting out the worry and the upset and the negativity, put out some joy and happiness and belief. Believe it or not I want to hear about you going out and having a wonderful time. I just want you to get out of your own way.

  2. I’m not going to talk about J or the wedding. I’ve said enough. I am going to talk about nursing. I’m not a little upset to hear that you are bored.

    I have a friend who recently said, at age 50, that she wanted to be a nurse. I explained to her that my daughter is a critical care nurse, which she knew and is one of the reasons she wants to be a nurse…she says my daughter is her hero. My critical care nurse daughter is excellent at her job. She gets accolades from her bosses, her colleagues, her patients, and their families. She works 13 to 16 hours a day on her shift. She does lots of exciting things…goes on codes and jumps on the chest…puts in IVs…gives meds…prepares a body after death for family viewing…cleans up vomit, urine, and feces. I explained to my friend that there is a lot of vomit, urine, and feces in nursing at ALL levels. A good nurse cleans her patient because she cares. An excellent nurse pays attention to the quality, size, shape, and color of the vomit, urine, and feces to determine a variety of important things about his/her patient and how they are progressing.

    You’ve been a very sick young woman. Would you want a bunch of bored first semester nurses taking care of you when you were critically ill.

    There is a learning curve. You’re at the bottom. You’re working your way to the top.

    One of the things my daughter had to do as a first semester nurse was administer flu shots at various locations to the elderly. Have you done that yet? Are you that confident with a needle?

    How can you and your classmates be bored? Isn’t this the first step of what you want to be?

    I’ve been reading this blog for a long time. I didn’t post for a long time.

    As a teacher and as a mother and as a mother of a highly qualified and experienced critical care nurse…I am very surprised and disappointed that you would post here that you were bored. I hope the patients didn’t see all of you raise your hands.

    I’m sure that this will upset you to read and you’ll decide that you don’t want an open blog any more or perhaps you’ll block me. I’ll save you that. I’ll read…but I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. You’ve really surprised me today…

    Sorry for the long and not so pleasant post.

  3. To second Sues, I will keep reading but this is going to be the last time that I comment. I too will keep my thoughts to myself.

  4. I will always have an open blog for as long as I have one. Your post didn’t upset me. I am a beginning nurse. I AM at the bottom. I do not know anything. I think we are bored because we WANT to KNOW more, we WANT to be able TO DO more, etc.

    Our patients are sick and I wouldn’t be there if I didn’t care about them. Even if all that means now is keeping them clean and comfortable & popping in every hour to make sure they are good. I chose to change careers because I am in awe of what nurses can do… that they have to be intelligent in so many areas of medicine/patient care.

    I think our group is a little jealous of the other groups b/c they are seeing more & getting to do more (when, we all should only be doing the same basic things). I know it will all even out in the wash.. but for now, it feels like we are behind.

    First semester nursing school is hard. My masters degree was Hell on earth for 2 years… this is so much more difficult than that… and for all the excitement we feel about becoming nurses… sometimes boredom does play into that equation.

    I’m sorry that you will not post anymore. I always took your comments to heart.

  5. Wow, quite a bit of action here in such a short period of time. I think everyone is reading a bit too much into the others’ posts.

    I know Lar in person. I’ve known her for over 10 years (can you believe it Lar? [btw, I forgot if you use your real name here, it’s weird calling you Lar]).

    We have arguments in person about serious and life altering subjects… like who’s a better late night host, Jay or Dave… or which football team is better, OSU’s or DePaul’s. This one is not as heated as those.

    Anyway, you all add to the mix here and make it interesting. Don’t stop posting. Just remember that things can read differently than when said aloud and everyone has an off day once in a while.

  6. I have known Leslie for well over ten years. She is an incredible person. I can’t begin to tell you what a rock she has been for me when I needed her. Which is why I was a little peeved when she told me that people were slamming her on her blog.

    Leslie does not always express herself in the most eloquent way. In fact, she spends a great deal of time removing her foot from her mouth. Yet she is one of the most kind, caring, compassionate and generous people I have ever known. She definitely does not deserve to be villified on her own blog!

    Leslie is a rarity, she is honest – to a fault. I can tell you that she’s grown tremendously in the time I’ve known her and she is much better than she used to be. Do not stiffle her continuing growth by condemning her for her honesty. This is supposed to be an open forum for sharing ideas, is it not? Give her a break! I am certain that most of you have had occasion to open mouth, insert foot!

    You know I love you LAR!! RYB

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