I’m going to quit for awhile…

I’ve been sitting here trying to study my pharmacology for a test I have on Thursday. It’s interesting and I like studying it….but I keep getting distracted by how two readers responded to my previous post..

I guess I have never really censored my emotions, feelings, etc on this blog. I haven’t felt the need to until now. I haven’t felt the need to apologize for any of my comments about my emotions, feelings, etc UNTIL NOW.

I met no disrespect to any nurses out there when I said that my day was boring. Our clinical instructor saw that we were kinda getting tired & glassy-eyed. She asked us if we were bored… and we responded. My mother has been a nurse for 44 years (longer than she has been married). She has seen and done it all… and you know what… I talked to her when I got off the train today… and what she said …. she gets bored sometimes at her job. This does not make her a bad nurse. She is 65 yrs old and she could be retired and shopping at Nordstroms full time if she wanted to. it doesn’t make me & my classmates bad students because we said that we were bored. The 8 of us all come from some varied backgrounds and 6 of us have had serious medical conditions in the past which I’m sure influenced us in becoming nurses. We still can be bored. Cut us some slack. Cut ME some slack.

Also, I’m good at a lot of things… dare I say that I’m downright excellent at a lot of things. And, conversly.. there are things that I’m piss poor at … I’m really poor at relating with men. I always have been. I hope I won’t always. God is showing me a lot in regards to how I relate to the opposite sex. I’m enjoying my male classmates for this reason… I get to learn how to be friends with them w/ no other expectations than just friends.

Re: J (for the last time). His initial at various points in my life could have been replaced w/ a D., M., E., etc… J. was just the latest crush. Who, god willing, I won’t make the same mistakes with so as to lose a friendship.

The one that God puts in my life will have to love all of me. Not just some parts of me. In my head I know J. is not the one… that he has NEVER been the one…. but my heart’s not quite there yet. OK?

A final request to my readers… just stop reading if I’m offending you. Please? It will save me a lot of tears.


2 responses to “I’m going to quit for awhile…

  1. Very honest response. You’ve never been shy when it comes to telling it like it is. You know, we (those who know you in person) like that.

    Have you ever thought that the reason why some people read your blog, despite a seemingly infinite plethora of other sites to read at that particular moment, is that some people out there actually relate to you? Not me personally, but I can, empathize.

    Take a brake. You do have a ton of studying to do…. if you are ever going to beat me again at scrabble. Oh, and there’s that nursing thing too.

  2. wow – i don’t read your blog for a day and all of sudden, DRAMA. πŸ™‚


    hey – you’re telling it like it is. i enjoy reading it. i don’t have any deep thoughts to share. the brief ones i had i had already shared with you πŸ™‚

    and what do i know – i’m just sitting at home all day cleaning up poops!

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