The Wedding Bell Blues…

To answer Sues’ question. Yes. I am not lying when I say that 99% of my friends are married. So, all my guy friends… are married. There was one other guy…but it was a worse scenario than asking J.

I guess I don’t know enough about hospital scheduling… I wondered if maybe he could have just said to the schedule person “hey… I need Sat, the 27th off to attend a wedding” & maybe it would have been really easy to have the evening off… but who knows. It was easier for him to bow out this way.

He didn’t hurt my feelings… I did expect him to say “no” all along…(better to not get one’s hopes up).

I’m just sad that I have to go alone to a wedding again where I don’t know anyone except the bride & groom. I can’t NOT go to this one…since I’m technically the “wedding coordinator”

Ok… it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is a 4.30am wake up call. It’s almost 10pm and I feel my body getting more sleepy. Gosh, I couldn’t even last to half time of the Eagles/Giants game…but then again… it’s not much of a game.

Until later…


2 responses to “The Wedding Bell Blues…

  1. I think Someone made some very good points. I would have like to hear what you thought of them. But no matter.

    You seem like a nice woman. You seem like you’d be fun to attend a social function, like a wedding with. But…

    How is it you only know the wedding couple? If you know them well enough to be the “wedding coordinator” couldn’t you ask them to at least seat you with someone single and fun? Also…how about just going crazy and asking someone you are really just friends with to go with you? I know this is a crazy world…but isn’t there someone you know from where you live…or go to school? How about someone like that? No romantic interest at all on your part. Say…I’ve got to go to a friend’s wedding and I’m tired of sitting single at the single table….want to come with me? You might be surprised. How about asking some of your OLDER married friends if they have a son, grandson that might be interested? If you really don’t want to go alone….don’t!

    And, by the way, in my more than a 1/2 century alive…you can just say no to invitations. If you really don’t want to go.

  2. If you “knew” that he would say no, why did you ask him?

    He isn’t in the right frame of mind to date right now. He just broke up with a long term girlfriend who he was LIVING with. That takes time to get over. On top of that he is starting a new job, nursing school, etc. He needs a friend right now, just a friend. Not a friend who is trying to make something more. He needs to be the one to take the relationship to something more, and if you keep pushing him you are going to run the risk of ending the friendship.

    Is J the only guy in the world? Is J the only single guy that you could ever be interested in? Consider this, what if there was another guy who was interested in you, but never did anything because you were so wrapped up in J the other guy never stood a chance. What if you left J alone for a little while? Not drop him completely, but just treat him like you would one of your girlfriends. What if you took all the time and energy that you spend on J, and used in on nursing school, making new friends, exploring new possibilities? What would happen then? You can do that, or you can keep doing what you are doing. And just like you “knew” that J would say no, I think that you “know” what will happen if you do.

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