This is going to be short…I’m due at a friend’s house for a game night.

I’m nervous that the wrong grade was put into the computer. Maybe I really only got a 78 instead of a 98? Maybe it was scantron error????????? I mean… my pharmacology grade changed from a 80 to 76…. maybe this is the same thing. I still can’t believe that I got a 98.

Confession. I asked J. to the wedding. I actually did pray about it & felt pretty good about asking him (although the way I asked him… was ANYTHING but ok… I was pretty shy about it). Bottom line…he’s a good guy who can make good conversation and I like hanging out with him. When we talked on Wednesday, I asked him if he still talks w/ M. His answer was amazing. He said “yea, she’s in a pretty bad place right now… so, I need to keep up with her.”

Maybe someday I’ll find someone like that. In the meantime, I hope he will say yes to eating bad salmon with me on a Sat evening in Oct.

OK… not as short as I wanted…

Now….. I’m outta here. Have a good weekend.

(oh… and dare I say… Go Phillies?????)


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