Had a cool weekend… Actually was pretty full of stuff to do… Which, is not what usually happens when I stay in town.

Working Mon, Tue, Thur, and Friday nights… I picked up Friday night… It’s usually a little more low key and I get weekend pay.. so, that’s a plus.

Nothing else exciting to report.

3 more days of the eharmony membership and then it’s over. For good this time.

I’ll probably need someone to hit me over the head with a pan if I try to join again (any takers??)

Toots for now.


3.34am for no particular reason…


I’m up because I’m washing my sheets… my monthly friend decided to make an appearance early… Damn her. Thankfully, Indianapolis has a wonderful cleaning service that can clean my mattress pad… it’s huge & won’t fit inside my washer… I will be driving there bright and early later this morning (ie.. 7am).


Other interesting things… I’m trying to learn some Italian. BBC online has a great 12 week course for free. I’m learning some basic phrases… It’s kinda fun…but I sound RIDICULOUS when I try to pronounce the words… since I’m trying to learn from a BBC site… I wonder if everything I say will come across with a British accent.

And, if you are all of a praying sort… please pray for my old friend Joe. He is 40 and was diagnosed w/ metastatic gastric cancer sometime last year (I think in Oct??).. Well, I just read that he’s had a really tough week. This cancer is not survivable..he had been taking part in a study at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State Med Center…basically, to lengthen his survival time… Anyway, I just read on Facebook that they had to put a stent in his esophagus to help him swallow… which, is never a good sign. He has 3 kids (including a baby born in Jan 2010). Cancer truly does suck.

Ok… I’m going to watch something on Hulu or fall asleep on the couch… (probably the later).


I did it. I bought the airfare… I’m going to Italy for a week in November. It really pays to look at different online travel sites… had a US Airways flight going from O’Hare-Charlotte,NC-Rome for one price… Well, I checked and a US Airways flight that went from O’Hare-Philadelphia-Rome was $90 cheaper… Nice.

Last night of work… I’ve worked all w/e long… Which, last night… all I need to say is “fecal bag” and that explains my whole night…. POOP…POOP..POOP…POOP…POOP…POOP… I felt sorry for this patient… but everytime we cleaned them up… they pooped again… ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

I have Tue & Wed off and then work on Thursday night. I’m hoping for a bike ride either tomorrow evening or on Wednesday morning. I haven’t been on my bike since the big fall about a month ago.

Scott, if you want… you can email me…… I’m curious about what happened to put you on F10. Hopefully you had someone bring you some edible food while you were there… Hands down… Penn has the worst food of any hospital that I’ve either worked or been a patient in. (oh, yea… & amazing doctors.. who STILL won’t release my records…but I digress… I haven’t asked for them in awhile).

Toots for now. Time to put on the blue scrubs and save some lives… 🙂 (ok.. not really, but it sounded good).

Sunday. July 18.

Just hanging out before I go back into work tonight. I worked last night & I’ll work again tomorrow night. 3 nights in a row is sorta like a mini-marathon.. and I won’t come up for air until Tuesday afternoon.

My birthday was a few days ago (the 16th). I’m a 39 year old woman. Craziness. I don’t feel 39… no one thinks I’m 39… but, it’s weird… I look at my classmates from HS/College and most of us don’t look 39. Nothing exciting happened birthday wise… My parents took me to see The Swell Season at The Ravinia Festival… which is a really fancy outdoor theatre… It was hotter than Hell that night…but, the show was good.

I’ve booked a hotel room in Rome, Italy for the beginning of Nov. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have yet to book the flight. Wandering around London & Dublin by myself is one thing…but going to a country where most people do not speak English is entirely another thing… I’ve heard Italians are NOT like the French… as long as you try the language they think you’re quaint and will help you along and then you find out most speak English anyways. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit and at first I was thinking Amsterdam…but honestly, that sounds boring compared to being able to see The Sistine Chapel, etc. I just need to bite the bullet and book a flight.. There aren’t as many tourists in Nov… so, the price drops considerably for the flight… I just don’t want to wait too long. I found a little B&B in downtown Rome for $65/night…

***FOR Scott… I find it fascinating.. that Dr. Desai might have consulted w/ Dick Cheney… he got his LVAD at Inova Fairfax….I know you didn’t like him much…. but that’s another story…. & I hope you’re better… so, you can marry that Jewish girl one day…***

That’s about it from my neck of the woods.

Toots for now.

Hot…but not as hot as the East

Dreaded July days. Love them and hate them… My mom just suggested that I go sit out by the lovely pool that I never use. Yes, it’s lovely..but, it’s so hot & humid… I’m thinking the confines of a movie theatre tonight will be a better way to spend my time (I’m thinking Eclipse… I can’t stop now… I have to see how it all ends).

SCOTT!!!!!!!!! FOUNDERS 10????????????????????????????????????? I hope you’re doing better. You’re the only quirky Jewish boy that I like so you must get well soon.. plus, the hospital food sucks rocks… so, you need to get out and get some pizza at Top Tomato (man I miss that place).

And, to answer some questions posted awhile ago. I have other interests besides sitting here and moaning about my lack of relationship history. I think I’m just tired of being alone. I’m planning a trip to Amsterdam in October… by myself. I don’t have friends who can travel to Europe. All my trips overseas have been alone. I can do anything alone…but it gets kinda old after awhile.

Last night at work I saw a sign in the break room. Another nurse I work with…her husband was killed over the weekend. They just had twin girls in April. Horrible, horrible situation. It made me realize that life is way too short and fleeting to waste it on the whole marriage/relationship issue. I’ll probably still waste a good amount of time on the subject…but here’s hoping to wasting at least 10% less…. (that’s a start… right?).

Other randomness..
1. On Facebook, I saw a group for beginning runners called “The Couch-to-5K plan”.. It’s a two month plan of getting a bum like me to running 3 miles. I’ve done the first 2 days… I’m supposed to run again tonight… This week it’s basically jogging for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes. I can do anything for 60 seconds… even running. Hopefully, I won’t be super lazy and I’ll be able to continue.

2. Job situation. I think I mentioned that a few day shifts were posted. I’m not sure what I want to do. My boss gave me a firm deadline of this Saturday. She mentioned today that she knew I was worried about the monetary cut & that if I wanted… I could try day shift for a few months and see how I like it. I think I might possibly take her up on this offer. With a two month trial run I can see how much my check will drop and see what it’s like to sleep like a normal human being. I miss eating lunch at Noon.

3. Had to buy new glasses y’day. UGH. Even with a great vision plan… it was still a huge chunk of money. It’s also bad that I have expensive taste. The frames I picked out are supposedly hand made in Paris. Tell me, do opticians get commissions??? I’m sure they do… I *know* there were a few less expensive frames that I tried on… Oh, well… I seem to get glasses once every 5 years or so…

4. White Sox are on a roll… Scott, maybe I can have them send you a card.. Will that make you feel better?

5. Holiday weekend was great in Chicago. Went to the Taste and watched Fireworks from the pier of our marina.. Spend Sunday all day on the boat. Sunburned to a crisp. Fireworks again on Monday night…

6. I got nothing else. Time for dinner.

Toots for now.

July 2.

Happy Friday All.

Nothing horribly exciting to report. I’m going home for the weekend. My parents’ wedding anniversary is tomorrow and tonight is fireworks watching on the boat. It’s supposed to be a great weekend, so I’m hoping that means a lot of time on the water.

Wednesday night I went into work at 3pm & worked 16 hours… It was crazy… I hated it… nothing the length of time… I can do the 16 hours… it was the situation. I was given 4 patients on opposite ends of my unit. Two on one side.. and two on the other end… the FAR, FAR, FAR other end. The rooms on my unit are huge, so walking between both ends takes at least minute or so. It was hard because I didn’t have any easy patient.. They all had to be looked at more than normal regular intervals or they had scheduled meds right after another. My special present happened at 6am Thursday morning when I went to give a med and found that my patient got confused (in the 90 minutes since I last saw them) and pulled out his PICC line and his NG tube. Not fun. My feet hurt so much that I wanted to cry…. and of course, when I got home.. I slept for only 5 hours…

Blah, Blah, Blah. Canceling eharmony membership at the end of this month. I can’t say it will be the last time I ever sign up for it…but I wish I could. Hope is a strange thing… because well, it’s hope. There’s hope & there’s reality… Reality is that I’ll be 39 in 14 days. Reality is that I *might* have 10 good years left before my heart starts doing funky stuff or the meds I’m on start effecting other body systems… No one wants to marry that.

That’s about it for now. I have to get packing for home.

Edith takes her first fall…

Edith… well, she is the new bike I bought about a month ago. This past Thursday was the first day I took her out for a ride. The Monon Trail runs throughout the city and north into the suburbs… It’s too pretty to NOT get out to at least walk on it (I think the Monon was originally a railroad line… but I could be wrong). Anyway, I packed my bike up and drove to a parking lot on the trail. I got my helmet on and started riding… It was great… 12 years since my last bike ride… I even saw a deer grazing at one point…

Well, on the way back… UGH.. ANYTHING BUT GOOD. I took this little trail that veered off from the Monon.. there was a little bridge and as I was crossing it I realized that it was a little more steep on the way down… I was picking up too much speed.. I got nervous and lost my balance and crashed into a bunch of bushes.. I ended up getting my foot stuck in my spokes of my front wheel. I ripped my pants down the whole front of one leg. I seemed to have mud everywhere.

Thankfully, two older guys stopped and saw that I needed some help. My front wheel was bent and therefore wouldn’t spin because it kept getting caught on the brakes. They removed the front brakes so at least I could ride it back to my car (5 miles away). That was great.. Well, they solved the first problem.. they couldn’t solve the 2nd… I don’t know how to shift. At. ALL. I was going over a bridge and it got really hard to pedal up the bridge… I knew I needed to shift, so, I turned the handles and apparently did it wrong because the chain came off the gears.

Long story short… I ended up walking my bike the final 3 miles back to my car.

The good thing about this story… I wasn’t seriously hurt.. the pants were old (I bought a new pair today) ..and the bike is getting fixed.

The best thing about this story is that I got to see Scott again. He is the guy who sold me my bike. I am so in love with my bike guy. SOOO in love with my bike guy… I get to see him again tomorrow to pick up my bike… yippy.**

**granted he doesn’t even know I’m alive except for the fact that he sold me a bike… but, he is soo dreamy.**

Nothing else too exciting to report except these random things.

1. Sox rocked the National League this week…granted they played crappy National League teams… but still.. they won against the hottest pitcher in baseball right now.

2. Saw Toy Story 3… Pixar does it again. I love how they take kid movies and some how have deep adult themes in them… Cried at the end. See it.

3. Going to Columbus, Ohio next week. Staying in a hotel. Exciting. 🙂

4. Nothing else.